Sunday, 4 August 2013

Preview: the week ahead (5th Aug - 11th Aug)

Strangely this is a week full of "festivals" and also a week full of "old" bands. Bands that existed once and that exist again now. Bands that already existed quite a long time ago and that still exist. Some of those bands are probably no good anymore. But then again some of them may be just as good as they were back then...

Circle Fest w/Circle and Janne Westerlund at NK: As Norman already wrote last week, this is one of Circle's rare visit to Berlin, check NKs website for more info and don't miss this!
Iggy and the Stooges at Zitadelle Spandau: What can we say? It's Iggy Pop!
Circle Takes The Square, Code Orange Kids, Full of Hell, Henry Fonda / AfterLife Kids (Split Set) at Cassiopeia: An evening of heavy and chaotic hardcore and screamo. If you want a ride down memory lane straight into the late 90s plus a musical punch in the face, Circle Takes The Square could be for you.

Circle Fest w/Pharaoh Overlord (feat. Hans Joachim Irmler of Faust!) and Warm Graves at NK: The second night of NK's Circle Fest and the first Pharaoh Overlord show in Berlin ever, this time featuring Hans Joachim Irmler from Faust on drums!
"Black Flag" at Lido: As important as Black Flag have been as a band, this "reunion" is just wrong on so many levels... Apparently now Greg Ginn is even suing the members of the second incarnation of this band (which is just called "Flag") for copyright infringement (read about that here).
CatharsisMagrudergrind, Coffins, Panzerkreuzer and Coke Bust at Cassiopeia: Another Cassiopeia line-up based on a band you know from back then and another evening of heavy and in your face hardcore. Catharsis originally existed from 1994 until 2002 and now sort of reunited again and if you are into bands like Neurosis or His Hero is Gone, this is a must see!
Kolophonium + La Bande A Joe + Kenny Lump at bei Ruth: An interesting evening of psychedelic music and Krautrock influences. Expect lots of reverb and delay and epic long songs. Perfect music for the hot weather!

A L'Arme Festival at Radialsystem: The A L'Arme Festival features some amazing artists from Thursday till Sunday. Check out the complete line-up and time tables on their website. Some noteworthy acts are Anthony Braxton, Thurston Moore, Peter Brötzmann (read a review from us here) and FM Einheit, so prepare for a long weekend of great experimental music.
Erfolg at Broschek: Erfolg is the new solo project of Johannes von Weizsäcker, formerly active in the Chap. He played a couple of shows in Berlin already and this time he'll visit a small cozy bar in Neukölln and will perform together with a female choir, whatever that's supposed to mean exactly...

Die Goldenen Zitronen at about:blank: The Pudel Club, based in Hamburg, is joining about:blank to do a benefit party for the "Fight Racism Now!"campaign. This is not only a cause worth supporting but also a great opportunity to throw a party. Die Goldenen Zitronen are probably one of the most relevant bands around here, their lyrics are clever and witty but also have a political ambition. In addition there are lots of DJs and two other live acts, you can find the whole line-up in this facebook event.

Ex Best Friends fest w/Ex Best Friends, Agatha, Bathtub Theory, C.B.A., Cat'n'Guyen, Respect My Fist, You're Only Massive (plus food, cakes, haircuts) at bei Ruth: Berlin based band Ex Best Friends are breaking up and are throwing a fest as their farewell. They invited "some of the friends and bands we shared the stage with in those past years" and rightly state "It's all a bit sad but hey, we can still dance!" See the Facebook event for all info here.

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