Friday, 30 August 2013

Preview: the week ahead (2nd - 8th Sep)

Our trainers will still be hot from dancing at Torstraßen Festival tomorrow, when next weekend brings us Berlin Festival. I am a regular attender, though I have to say that the line-up is getting duller by the year. Look forward to my separate preview later this week, when you will get more detail on my views on the matter. For now, here is what else is getting us excited this week:

Jeffrey Lewis & The Rain at Monarch: Politically fun singer-songwriter Mr. Lewis is back and delighting me with his appearance outside of a festival of some sort. Just me and him. Oh, and his band. And some other audience members. Originally booked into Festsaal, this is bound to be super cramped at little Monarch. Be there early. Better even, have a ticket.

Blake Schwarzenbach, JAN, and M(o)ck at bei Ruth: Everyone has got those few records that have stayed with them from their youth all the way into their mid-30s adult life. Dear You by Jawbreaker, their only major label effort and ironically the one that killed them, is the one for me. Later, when Mr. Schwarzenbach formed Jets to Brazil, that record would be played on repeat for months on end in our household. There is a certain quality to the songs of Blake Schwarzenbach that makes them so darn addictive. A treat live, I have raved on about my admiration for Mr. Schwarzenbach in my Forgetters review. So what else do you want me to say? My love for the man is unbroken.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Melting Hearts, and Long-Sam at Merkezi eV (Adalbertstr. 5, Xberg): Following the performance at Torstraßen Festival, Finnish wunderkind Jaako Eino Kalevi is bringing funky retro pop, along fellow Finnish musicians, to this headline gig at a social club. This man will go far one day - be there now to witness it in a small setting. Highly recommended.

Messer at Schokoladen: German post-rockers Messer are making an appearance at cosy Schokoladen and you should be there at 7:30 pm latest if you are up for stuff.

Strand of Oaks at Privatclub: Singer-songwriter material that most clearly is for those who like Songs:Ohia. Yes, I agree, nobody is a match for Jason Molina, but Strand of Oaks is at least in the very same vein in terms of tempo and subject matter and rather nice.
Cam Deas at Monarch: Guitar virtuoso who does not look it, you may think, but who’s got it in him. Recommended!

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