Monday, 27 February 2012

Preview: the week ahead (27th Feb - 4th Mar)

It's been such a drab week here in Berlin's Southern centre. The weather, the chores, you name it. So this week, we are going to have ourselves some evening program to regain our spirits. For me, there is Tune-Yards on Tuesday, Fenster on Friday, and let's see where else the week will take me - possibly to Babylon for some Metropolis. Anyway, here is what we recommend to you for the coming week.

tUnE-yArDs at Festsaal: The one and only. I have previewed and reviewed her a couple of times before. Let's just say I am a fan and I think this woman will put me in awe once again. Magic.
Fag Cop and Catholic Spray at Cortina Bob: Ok, so the name is terrible, but US band Fag Cop do play a really fun alternative fuzzy punk rock. Very energetic. You need. Catholic Spray from France are just generally one of the most promising bands on the punk rock circuit just now, in my eyes. Stylish, old school (Dead Kennedys fans listen up) but also with new wave and surfy elements. Good stuff.
The Jon Cohen Experimental at Madame Claude: I know what you're thinking - Mme Claude, bandname with Experimental - it's another crazy experimental noise fest. Wrong! This one-man project actually plays pretty mellow and upbeat music that is pop yet alternative at the same time, maybe a bit Paul Simon in the late 70s meets Violent Femmes. Highly recommended!

Des Ark and Sissters at Marie-Antoinette: Aimée Argote on tour with band and charming her audience left, right and centre. If you like a beautiful voice, punk attitude and accoustic guitars, you will not be disappointed. Support comes from our favourite Berliners.
Slow Magic and Selebrities at West Germany: WG is turning into a disco tonight. Slow Magic do mellow dance music, for those that admit to liking MGMT, Pocahaunted or Coco Rosie, but with a twist. I like. A lot. Selebrities = pop music with an 80s sound. Moody but super dancy. Disco disco.

Fenster record release party at Marie-Antoinette: Our local indie stars are finally releasing their first album and they are celebrating in style, with Mary Ocher, Hush Hush, Cape and Tusk supporting, DJs and whatever else you need to have fun. Find more info on the facebook event page. Everyone, and I mean everyone, will be spending their Friday night at Marie-Antoinette this week. See you there.

I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream and Paro at Knochenbox: Local shoegaze ensemble IHNMAIMS have a stupidly long band name, named after a science fiction story, but are not that spaced out but rather indie schmindie. This is going to be sweet and inoffensive and the right event to set you up for your Saturday night out.

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