Sunday 12 February 2012

Preview: the week ahead (13th Feb - 19th Feb)

Okay, Whitney Houston is dead despite of promising me that she will always love me. Nonetheless here's a preview for next week.

Blouse at Comet Club: Blouse play cold and wavy electro pop music with an apparent 80s touch. It's nice but it's not really my cup of tea.

Also there's this kind of absurd thing on Monday, where Peter Hook, bass player for Joy Division and after that for New Order, performs Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures together with his band the Light. I just wanted to mention it.

Astronautalis and Bleubird at about:blank: this is going to be good. If you are anyhow into independent hip hop stuff far from the stereotypical annoying stuff that's been called hip hop now for some time, you have to attend this show. Seriously.

I think we already said some things about Aidan Baker here. When he doesn't play under his real name he is one half of Nadja and his solo stuff kind of takes the same direction. It's drony ambient guitar music, sometimes more post rock and sometimes more experimental. He plays at West Germany this Wednesday.

Black Fag at Monarch: If you're in the mood for a gay Black Flag tribute band, this is your chance. And I mean come on, how could anybody NOT be in the mood for a gay Black Flag tribute band?

Cats and Cats and Cats and Oh! Pears at Schokoladen: That's a lot of cats for a Thursday evening. This cat band plays something you could call a mixture between math rock and indie pop. It's catchy but not ordinary. Oh! Pears also play some sort of indie music with a sort of classic music approach.

Toby Goodshank + Phoebe Kreutz at Weserstraße 58 (starts 8pm sharp!): It was a bit difficult to find reliable info on this, but Blitzgigs is also listing it so I kind of suppose I got it right. Phoebe Kreutz played Berlin before some times and she plays humorous and catchy folky songs that tell funny stories. Toby Goodshank plays in several bands (Double Deuce, the Tri-Lambs, Moldy Peaches) besides doing solo stuff. You can listen to his whole new record on bandcamp (check the link above) and it's really great poppy indie folk stuff. Check out the video below, this song got stuck in my head for days...

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