Monday 20 February 2012

Preview: the week ahead (20th Feb - 26th Feb)

C* is being sued for insulting Lady GaGa. J. has been holed up in his study. We haven't been particularly social or fun. Time to change. Here are some fun things to do this week.

Father Murphy and Les Rhinocéros at White Trash: this now seems to take place at White Trash, although originally announced for Monarch, which I think would have been a far better location, but whatever. This one is going to be good nonetheless! Father Murphy play some rather weird but also great music. It's hard to describe but think of Xiu Xiu in their more experimental phases and you get a hint. They're awesome live! Les Rhinocéros play something slightly different. They are on John Zorn's Tzadik label and play something you could call groovy jazzy experimental world music. I'm no good at describing, just listen to them. This show is definitely worth a visit although it takes place in one of my least favorite Berlin concert venues...

Lambchop at Babylon Mitte: A classic. In a classic place. And one of those bands you either love or hate. Wikipedia says: "Lambchop, originally Posterchild, is a band from Nashville, Tennessee. Lambchop is loosely associated with the alternative country genre." You get a second chance to see these dinosaurs tomorrow.
Future Islands at Berghain: There's not much to say about this, Future Islands are good and I'm sure they'll be good at Berghain. Crazy to see how "big" they got since playing a more than sold out Schokoladen last year.

Modern Pets, Levitations and Kenny Kenny Oh Oh at Köpi Hausfest (22 Jahre Köpi): Modern Pets are from Berlin and play garage punk stuff. They play with Levitations and Kenny Kenny Oh Oh who are playing the first show of their beginning twin tour that night. They both play cool melodic punk. 
Sun Worship and Mika Risiko at West Germany: We have featured Sun Worship here before on the craze. Fuzzy noise. Yum. Mika Risiko is one half of Sissters, our Berlin favourites. Mika does a very 80s inspired performance. You will like.

Pterodactyl and Bodybuilding at West-Germany: Pterodactyl are good. They play psychedelic and melodic music. They're on JagJaguwar, so if you like bands like Women, Oneida or Ponytail, you should check them out. Bodybuilding are from Berlin and play noisy post punk stuff.
Gauntlet Hair and Skiing at Marie-Antoinette: C*s current indie tip. She absolutely loves this band and has high hopes for their live performance of dancy, shoegazy, wavey music. I think Gauntlet Hair could go far; it's arty and clever yet digestible enough for the masses. You shouldn't miss this!

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  1. and there's also ..

    thursday: deoda byrnes at bar babette
    friday: modern witch at m-bia
    saturday: dirty beaches at katerholzig.

    this city kills me. in a positive way.