Sunday 19 December 2010

Review: No Yummy Fur

A disastrous evening. First, both my dates had to cancel because of a nasty tummy bug that's going round. Then, I'm running awefully late. And then...

Well, I made my way into West Germany towards the end of the set. And as I stumbled into the room I was surprised that the band had changed their musical course a tad, now seemingly inspired by !!! (chk chk chk). I heard exactly two songs and the gig was over. Of course I was disappointed - not only had I missed most of the set but I also felt that The Yummy Fur were The Yummy Fur and really needn't change just because they had added some new members (and lost others).

Ha! It turns out The Yummy Fur were still in Glasgow and couldn't travel to Berlin due to an air traffic chaos in Great Britain. A few flakes of snow and Britain comes to a halt. It's always been that way and it always will be. The British are so used to drizzle in winter, they cannot handle the fact that winters are getting colder due to Global Warming.

So yes, The Yummy Fur are probably still The Yummy Fur and maybe, with a bit of luck, they will visit Berlin in the future.
The band that played was Zirkon (feat members of Stereolab / Th' Faith Healers / Chrome Hoof & Mediengruppe Telekommander) and because I only saw those couple of songs, I cannot tell you much about it.

BTW, the evening turned out OK when I met an old friend and we had a laugh. And some people got over the disappointment and danced to the DJ tunes.

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