Sunday 12 December 2010

Preview: the week ahead (13th-19th Dec)

This is the run up to Christmas and my last post before the holidays. And what a last week ahead! Swans, White Magic, Best Coast, Mahjongg, Oval and The Yummy Fur all in one week. It's one big party for a week before the city comes to a standstill for ten days.

Swans and James Blackshaw at Volksbühne: A highly anticipated event, this concert is going to attract the intellectual, the musical theorists but also those who simply appreciate good music. Swans have been doing their post-punk for 18 years and through dark melancholic sounds, reminiscent of Nick Cave and 80s punk rock, have paved the way for bands like Arcade Fire. It sounds so current and yet frontman Michael Gira found the group in the early 80s. Wonderful. If you can afford it, go to this.
White Magic at Marie-Antoinette: Much talked about event at Marie-Antoinette. It's that psych thing from New York, on Drag City, and good at that. If you cannot afford Swans, and I can't, join me at Marie-Antoinette.

Best Coast at Magnet: Best Coast have added a member from Dum Dum Girls and still do that 1960s inspired girl group thing in a modern LA surf way. Sweet.

Mahjongg at Marie-Antoinette: Oh boy, am I excited about this one! Industrial dancey music produced with a combination of instruments and computers. It's taking to another level what !!! (Chk Chk Chk) and Radio 4 started. I'm particularly fond of the live drumming performance. Class. Come out and dance.

Oval, Murcof, Rechenzentrum and Hilary Jeffery at Berghain: Oval is the electronic music project on Thrill Jockey by German native Markus Popps who has worked with many famous musicians and has pioneered an own electronic sound unlike any other. This is a rare appearance by Oval and although I don't know too much about the other artists, I think that Oval alone will make this a special night. And really, if you haven't been to Berghain yet, this is your chance. It's a wonderful structure and amazing sound. A very beautiful venue.

Audiolith label night at Astra: Audiolith is a label (and DJ) from Hamburg which has done a lot for German independent music over the past decade or so. Attentative listeners of MotorFM will be well familiar with Audiolith artists. Fun.
Lower Dens and Jana Hunter at West Germany: The girls and boys at West Germany are having a chilled evening before their big party night tomorrow. They're bringing you Lower Dens and Jana Hunter from Baltimore. The former are wavey, psychedelic and sometimes a bit Sonic Youth but will also appeal to fans of Arcarde Fire. The later is a lady and her guitar and you think you know the do but you know nothing. Jana Hunter uses this guitar to create unusual experimental sounds that are dreamy yet different. This is a promising musical night.

West Germany Xmas Party with The Yummy Fur: Scotland is a relatively small country but it brings out a remarkable amount of musical talent. The Yummy Fur have been around since 1992, with breaks. They play your typical 90s indie rock and I'm a fool for that. Very sweet. But that shouldn't be your only reason for showing up at West Germany this Saturday. DJs, a fun crowd and dancing into the early hours will make this a very sweet personal party the way all Christmas parties should be.

Zann and Just Went Black at Kastanie 85: Berlin/Leipzig and Hamburg represent. Screamo HC the way I like it. I haven't seen Zann in ages and although I have an interest that not too many people will cramp into the small Kastanie, I can also not deny you this information.

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