Sunday 5 December 2010

Review: Ganglians

A few days ago I got a phone call from Ganglians' booking agent enquiring whether I knew of a free van and driver. Ganglians had broken down in the middle of nowhere and were stuck in the snow. And they weren't moving for two days.

When I arrived at Marie-Antoinette the venue was deserted. It looked as if people weren't willing to brave the cold and snow to make it to this gig, albeit the modest ticket price of €5. Things were looking bleak for this evening: a band that had been stuck for two days and were bound to be on low spirits, no audience and cold feet.

Au contraire! Some hot tea onstage, a very good DJ Jimmy Trash to heat up the small crowd of late comers and a band determined to beat the odds and make this a fun last night of the tour.
"Somewhere between Beach Boys and Sisters Of Mercy" (Micha)

Ganglians play music that consists of psychedelic, surf but also wave elements and is very accessible yet clever. Live, the focus is on the frontman who sometimes just sings, sometimes plays keyboard or guitar. But it's the rhythm section that really makes this band so great. Nobody can stay still when they build their catchy sound structures. Dancy.

A successful night after all. I'm so glad I braved the cold and got my feet warm from dancing to Ganglians. What a band. You missed out!

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