Saturday 22 June 2013

Preview - the week ahead (24th - 30th June)

Last week, I was asked what must-go-to-gigs I was recommending this summer. Well, as it happens, two are taking place this week on one night: Civil Civic and Otto von Schirach. I will attempt both. Wish me luck!

Fidlar at Cassiopeia: The ultimate California surf punk band is visiting our town again. Song titles like “Cheap Beer” and “No Waves” should give you the right idea. Extreme fun, hot and sweaty is what is happening this Monday. Alright!
Neurosis and Buddha Rising at SO36: I guess we don’t have to explain to you who Neurosis are and if you’re into dark and doomy hardcore, this is a must see.


Dead Western at Villa Neukölln: Dead Western visited Berlin a couple of times in the past and we’re glad he’s not getting tired of it. He plays weird anti folk music and his deep, strange and haunting voice definitely leaves a mark when you first hear it. This isn’t your typical acoustic-guitar singer/songwriter guy but rather someone who manages to write and play intense and fascinating songs. Watch a video from one of his Berlin shows from 3 years ago to get an impression of what to expect live.

The Fresh & Onlys and Chuck Johnson at Monarch: Fresh & Onlys = indie guitar rock-pop. Sounds boring? Well, it’s not. In fact, au contraire!, this is real nice (think Sebadoh meets the Eagles) and should suit Monarch very well indeed. Chuck Johnson has been mentioned on this little blog before: Beardy guitar virtuoso makes the most melancholic and beautiful folk music. He is the real gem on this bill and someone you really should not miss. You might regret it one day!


Les Trucs, Lady Maru & Cascao, and Yva & the Toy George at bei Ruth: This is guaranteed to be a fun live show for sure. Les Trucs play deep 8bit electro pop you should definitely dance to. Think of a mixture between Felix Kubin and a Gameboy, throw in some more techno and a bag of punk influence and you’re almost there. Lady Maru & Cascao sound a bit more dark and wavy, they are “a quirky-electro-duo, coming from the saucy-punk-no-wave scene of the aethernal Rome”. The line-up will be completed by Yva & the Toy George.
Civil Civic and Slow Steve at Kantine: CC is one of my favourite bands, hands down, and this even though I have them a bad review of their last Berlin performance. This two-piece rocks so hard and yet is so catchy, and all this without a single vocal line. Slow Steve has advanced to become a two-piece as well since his reviewed performance at Ruth. Süper line-up, süper gig-you-cannot-miss. C*’s gig of the week, probably, maybe.
Gravenhurst at Haus der Berliner Festspiele: Sometimes, I watch concerts and entirely forget about them again. So researching Gravenhurst, I realised I had witnessed Nick Talbot’s magic at West Germany in 2011. This had entirely slipped my mind, mainly because WG had just been the wrong venue for this. Haus der Berliner Festspiele, on the other hand, is probably perfect and this promises to be a special night, courtesy of the Foreign Affairs Festival. Be on time btw!
Otto von Schirach and DAT Politics at Urban Spree: Trash electro punk wunderkind in dress-up, Otto von Schirach, has made me happy with his live performances before. Imagine 2 Live Crew meets Atari Teenage Riot meets The Locust meets your favourite techno artist (yeah, I mean that f’real). The first time I witnessed Otto von Schirach was on tour with The Locust and that Belgian audience did not know what was hitting them. There is nothing like it and nothing you can imagine. One-of-a-kind full on danceable entertainment. Support from the amazing French electro duo DAT Politics of all people, also known for great in-your-face live action. Don’t miss, just don’t!


Wavves at Cassiopeia: Wavves, yeah!, best summer surf rock band ever! I have seen Wavves so many times, I have lost count, and it was grrreat every single time, from his first ever show in San Diego to the last one I attended at White Trash. In my top list of live bands for sure. I’ll be there, letting the heat get the better of me. 
The Blood Arm at White Trash: Again, a band I have featured on The Craze before, and a fine one, too. You need to like The Hives, Art Brut and that sort of poppy stuff and you’ll be having a great time, guaranteed.

Nuclear Raped Fuck Bomb (N.R.F.B.) at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Jens Rachut’s freshest project besides Kommando Sonne-nmilch. In this one he plays together with Mense Reents and Thomas Wenzel, both from die Goldenen Zitronen and Armin Nagel from Oma Hans and Kurt. Even Frankie Stubbs from Leatherface was part of the band on their first record. Now they already released a second one, their sound kind of changed a bit but still leaves you undecided whether you just listened to a punk band or an electro project, in the end it’s both somehow. It’s also weird, sometimes exhausting, sometimes funny, sometimes annoying but in the end a typical Rachut project again because it’s impossible to categorize. Support will be Schnipo Schranke.
Emils at Tommy-Weissbecker-Haus: Old school German aggressive anarcho punk hardcore. Legends. No more introduction needed.

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