Sunday, 9 June 2013

Preview - the week ahead (10th - 16th June)

We might be super behind on reviews (we owe you near to ten by now) but we are never failing to deliver a preview and that's why you should love us dearly. The upcoming week for your perusal:

Obits and Buman at Schokoladen: Obits, the other ex-Hot Snakes band besides Night Marchers, return to Berlin. Last time they played at Lido, so now this is your chance to see them in a smaller and cozier venue. Buman is a new band from Berlin, playing SST style punk/hardcore.

Guardian Alien and Javelin at West Germany: Guardian Alien is the newest project of Greg Fox, the former Liturgy drummer.
Allah-Las and The Mokkers at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Two feasts for you: Californian garage'n'soul and local girl group fantastique. A good combination if I ever knew one! Meet C* at Festsaal on Tuesday.

King Ayisoba & Band, Jeri Jeri, and Zea at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Zea is a side-project of The Ex. They can be credited with bringing King Ayisoba from Ghana all the way to the European continent, touring with him and his band before. The King, as you may expect, is doing an African rhythm and guitar thing and is rather good at that. With them, they bring Jeri Jeri, who play African rhythm as well but have a way more jazzy approach to the genre and are getting reasonable attention in the dance music world. Jeri Jeri should be your primary reason for heading to Kotti this Thursday. World jazz at its finest.


Austra at Lido: The band surrounding Katie Stelmanis is going from strength to strength. After having given one of the best concerts of 2012, they are back this year with a really truly wonderful album - very addictive if you ask me. C*'s gig of the week!

Marnie Stern at Monarch: Cult label Kill Rock Stars does not seem to get excited about a lot these days but Marnie Stern is one artist they keep championing. The lady is clearly a rock’n’roll chick but the music has a distinctly commercial sound to it. She could really do well, so make sure to see her in this intimate setting while you can.

Will Samson at Urban Spree: Singer-songwriter, dreamy and mellow. Mr. Samson got rave reviews in the press and though it's not groundbreaking stuff, his tunes are very beautiful and probably perfect for a Sunday night. Gig starts early, take note and be there for 7pm or so.

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