Sunday, 5 May 2013

Preview - the week ahead (6th May - 12th May)

May is definitely a busy and interesting month concerning live shows. There's so much good stuff going on that it's getting a little overwhelming from time to time. As usual, check our calendar below to see some more shows for this week and month.


Death Grips at Berghain: Read our review from their last show at Festsaal Kreuzberg here. They now step up and play at Berghain, so this will probably be like a huge and wild and highly energetic party with an amazing soundtrack.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs at C-Halle: I have never seen the Yeah Yeah Yeahs live and to be honest that probably won’t change anytime soon. They got pretty huge and successful and while I still really like their earlier records, their later output got somehow irrelevant for me. Nonetheless I have the feeling that they remain to be a likeable band with great performance skills.

Melvins at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Melvins, the sort of prototype noise-rock band, play two shows in a row (Tuesday and Wednesday) at Festsaal Kreuzberg. I love that concept since it makes possible to see a rather “big” band in a “smaller” venue. I think I don’t need to describe Melvins to you any further, they exist for almost 30 years now and are probably one of the most influential heavy bands around.


Barn Owl at about:blank: Barn Owl play psychedelic and atmospheric music that sounds like a gloomy version of post-rock. Between drone sounds and synthie and guitar layers you’ll sometimes find a glimpse of desert-rock and they manage to keep that diversified throughout their rather long songs.

Deux Boules Vanille and Big Eater at bei Ruth: Deux Boules Vanille are a drum duo from France, they trigger analog synthesizer and self built instruments with their drum sets and create rhythmic and driving music with lots of different influences. You can hear some retro electronic hints of Silver Apples here and there but at some points their music sounds more like wild punk or even grindcore stuff, Lightning Bolt comes to mind for example. In the end they manage to keep this a highly interesting and humorous mix, I’m sure this is going to be wild and fantastic live. Support will be Berlin locals Big Eater, Al Burian’s (whom you know from Milemarker,Challenger and from various books and the Burn Collector fanzine) new band with members of Syn*Error. They play a mix of funky punk (or punky funk?) music.

Pttrns and Ampl:tude at KuZe Potsdam: For those of you who either did not get in at the recent sold out bei Ruth show (our review here) or for those of you who just can’t get enough of Pttrns live, they play in Potsdam this time. Although not strictly a Berlin live show, let’s just say this is close enough to be covered here. Also Berlin locals Ampl:tude play as support, so we’re sort of safe with that.

God Des & She and Godmother at West Germany: A deep rhythmic and dancy Saturday evening at West Germany! God Des & She play cool hip hop and R’n’B influenced music, comparisons to Salt n Pepa and Lady Gaga are not totally uncalled-for. Godmother play something completely different, they sound like a theatralic and experimental cabaret, actually not unlike Parenthetical Girls.

the Knife at C-Halle: Mentioning C-Halle twice in a preview is something we rarely do. I also haven’t heard a single positive review from people who went to recent the Knife shows, everybody complained about it being mostly playback and boring. That doesn’t change the fact that they already sold out this huge venue and although I’m not into their new record musically, they still have a very supportable attitude and an interesting approach towards the things they do. If you go here let us know how it was!

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