Monday, 27 May 2013

Preview - the week ahead (27th May - 2nd June)

Finally, Teenitus week is here! What else is there to say to introduce this week?!

Chris Cohen at Haus Ungarn: Fluffy and catchy indie rock from an ex-Deerhoof member.

Swans at Volksbühne: The wonderful, the one and only, in a beautiful setting. ‘Nuff said.

Shellac at Berghain: Shellac from North America, probably THE one noise-rock band, is back for one of their rare live shows. While they played at Maria the last time, this time you’ll have the privilege of seeing them at Berghain, probably Berlin’s most Shellac worthy location. It’s kind of impossible to point out a single show of the week this time but Shellac come really really close...

Teenitus Festival: The first day is here, finally! The local booking agency obsessed with all things meat is throwing a very extravagant party for you, taking over Monarch, Festsaal, and West Germany for three whole days. Look at the program and timetable to get wet at the thought of experiencing all this in just three days. I am just going to highlight a couple of things that get me excited because, frankly, I do not have the time to go through every single one, which I would have to, to be fair. Tonight’s highlight for me is Jonathan Toubin’s Soul Clap dance competition at Monarch. I reckon you cannot actually miss this. He was DJing at I’ll Be Your Mirror and, boy, did we have a good time! Also don't miss Mouse on Mars at Festsaal on this opening night and check out the Exhibition that will be open on all three days!

Teenitus Festival: C*'s highlights today shall be Night Beats, 60s sounding garage rock from Texas, at West Germany, and White Fence at Festsaal, who I saw a while ago at West Germany and liked what I heard (review here). J.'s highlights from this day are Palais Schaumburg and Felix Kubin.

Purling Hiss and Dope Body at Marie-Antoinette: We have reviews (Purling Hiss here and Dope Body here) from both bands’ previous shows: garage rock party and full-on brutality with a fun element. Be there!

Teenitus Festival at Festsaal, Monarch, and West Germany: Last day and the one that gets C* the most excited. Dirty Beaches and Dawn Hunger (Fuck Buttons side project anyone?!) at Festsaal. Yum yum yum! And don't miss Zebra Katz if you're looking for a crazy dancy hip hop party!

Yuro Chain at Untertitel: Experimental, industrial trash noise, dancable. Since freezing his other project, Trojan Hourse Rotovator, we don’t really know what is to await us. But we assume it will be along those lines. Sounds good to us!

Vessels at Kantine: Instrumental soundscape music, at times percussion heavy, to let you dream the night away. Highly recommended.
Fol Chen at about:blank: Funky, intelligent dance music for those party hungry young people out there. Very good fun and very shake-your-booty.
Tav Falco's Panther Burns at Bassy: Old school garage’n’roll and a legend, you may want to consider this if you are the garage and rock’n’roll fan that you may be.

Come and Bleached at Festsaal: Indie noise rock legends from the US of A x 2. Cannot miss this really, can you?
Seapony at Monarch: Poppy-di-pop. Twee indie pop à la Talulah Gosh et al. Sticky sweet but also for fans of DIIV and other Captured Tracks Records projects.

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