Sunday 15 July 2012

Preview: the week ahead (16th - 22nd Jul)

Okay we (or at least I) definitely reached the summer hole, C* is enjoying herself somewhere sunny and I need to catch up about three weeks of sleep. So just a rather short preview for a week without that much going on except a weekend of festivals.

Vocuhila at Wendel: I already saw Vocuhila and also various solo projects of Maxime Bobo, their saxophone player, live a few times and they were always pretty awesome. They're a saxophone/double bass/drums trio and play a nice mixture between free jazz and more song oriented jazzy tunes. They're really good, go see them! They play again on Sunday at the Great Heisenberg, check our calendar or the Echtzeitmusik site (check sidebar) if you're interested in more jazzy and experimental stuff going on.

Bambi Davidson and Schürhaken Körner at Schokoladen: This one sounds interesting, Bambi Davidson is a project band from the former Robocop Kraus drummer and a dutch musician. They invite new guest musicians for each tour. Support is Schürhaken Körner, they play something between noisy math rock and wavy punk from the 80s.

Teengirl Fantasy and Fatima Al Qadiri at Naherholung Sternchen (starts at 11pm): Dreamy and poppy electro indie music meets some sort of "Muslim Trance" music. Apparently Fatima Al Qdiri almost never plays live outside of her hometown New York so everybody goes nuts and is excited about this. For further info and the full line up for this night check the Shameless/Limitless blog.

Down by the River Festival: nice and huge line-up with various bands and music from wavy dance punk to weird anti-folk. Check their tumblr page for the whole line-up and more info!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Schokoladen Hoffest: Check out the Schokoladen website to get the full program on this one. I'm sure there will be something in for everyone. There's a shitload of bands playing!

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