Sunday, 23 November 2014

Stuff worth visiting in the next couple of days (let's call it a micro preview, alright?)...

There's some cool stuff going on during the upcoming week, here's a small list of things to do with no intend to be exhaustive:

  • Thu, Nov 27thMdou Moctar & Band at Monarch: I don't really know who decided that it's a good idea to put Mdou Moctar on at Monarch after his last show at West Germany was completely sold out. But nonetheless, here's a second chance to see this very interesting guitarist from Niger playing his unconventional psychedelic mix of Krautrock and African influences.

  • Sat, Nov 29th: Nicoffeine + Amigo TropicalCaptain Popatain at Kastanienkeller: This is probably going to be a very nice noisy evening at the cozy Kastanienkeller. Nicoffeine and their heavy chaotic noise rock left quite a positive impression on Norman, read about that here. We also mentioned Berlin based Amigo Tropical here before, they're a heavy noise bass + drums duo and are definitely worth seeing live. The bill will be completed by Captain Popatain who play slow motion sludge/doom hardcore.

1 comment:

  1. cool, thanks for the tips, I might try the one or other.
    Also this guy performed always live on Alex, now he got signed ( but certainly he still plays live on his tours ) different music to the bands above, but nice:
    please keep me posted, whenever he hits the stage in B and you hear about it ! ! !