Monday, 19 May 2014

Where is the Preview??

Dear regular Craze readers,

This past weekend, I finally took the step to take the decision that I cannot under any circumstances go on with the Craze as it has been running. With no time on my hands, the pressure of having to post a preview every weekend has taken all the fun out of this hobby. Working in front of a computer all week, I have absolutely no motivation to spend another few hours every weekend. For what? The whole blog idea had sort of died on me.

Seeing J.' disappointed face after my announcement to him last night, and not being one to throw in the towel all that quickly, a great idea popped into my head today that changed all. A commuter train phone call to J. and the decision was taken:

From now on, The Craze will post monthly previews instead of weekly ones. It makes so much more sense, it really does. I will endeavour to put up a little interim preview for the next couple of weeks tomorrow night, too. Just so there is no gap.

I am sure a few other changes will come about here and there while we try and make this platform more workable again for us. And more fun. Most importantly: more fun.

On that note: We are desperately seeking reviewers. You need to be a little nerdy, okayish in English (I can edit your posts) and a fun person to hang out with. All we can offer is press list spaces - where we get them - and being part of a fun group and Berlin music culture.

May the future begin now.


  1. Ah, that's too bad, I loved those weekly previews!
    Either way, I hope the monthly recommendations will still focus on small, rather unknown acts.
    I'll be at Ben Frost's gig on thursday and may try to write up a review, if you're interested?

  2. sounds swell. email us at hello at the craze dot de.

  3. Schade, aber nachvollziehbar. Ein dickes Danke an der Stelle für deine bisherigen Mühen. Ich hab jede Woche hier reingeschaut :)