Monday, 8 July 2013

Preview - the week ahead (8th - 14th July)

A short, late and hot preview for you today. We are still tired from the amazing noise offering at West Germany this past Saturday and we are enjoying the sun. Can you blame us?

Christina Wheeler at Shift (address in calendar): The FB invite says “Expect dramatic electronic songs with vocals, processed mbira, autoharp and Q-chord, rhythms, some faster, some slower, along with instrumental downtempo/ambients interludes in between.” and if that is not interesting, then what is? From LA via New York, now residing in Berlin, Christina Wheeler has collaborated with a bunch of people you can only dream meeting. This is a special show for you.

Jagwa Music at Urban Spree: This is pretty cool! Jagwa Music from Tanzania play experimental and dancy music that combines a punk diy attitude with influences of electronic music and african rhythms. For fans of Konono No.1 and the like, this is a must see!

Lecture: Erik Satie and the Invention of Ambience (A Very Interesting History of Very Boring Music) + Ray Mann (live) at Tischendorf: This sounds interesting! A lecture about Erik Satie and his role in the history of ambient music and mood songs. Followed by a live performance of Ray Mann. Check out the facebook event for more info and details.

Sic Alps at West Germany: Garage rockers Sic Alps are calling it a day and what better place to choose than West Germany? Might as well have it hot and sweaty! C*'s gig of the week, handsdown.

The Hidden Cameras at Berghain Kantine: Another band I haven’t heard of in years but that I used to really like! They play fluffy and quirky indie pop with an obvious hint to queer and gay content. I bet you have never heard a song about pissing at each other that’s SO beautiful and touching!

Sand Circles, Lust for Youth, Tar...Feathers, and Quiltland at bei Ruth: A last minute announcement but nonetheless worth noticing! Bei Ruth is hosting a nice mix of bands and music. Sand Cirlces are on Not Not Fun records and play minimalistic electro music that’s very 80s influenced but at the same time sounds quite contemporary. Lust for Youth don’t sound that different, they have a nice 80s gothic touch. So do Tar...Feathers in a way, they sound like a weird and experimental version of the Cure with a drum computer and I loved their first record back then. Quiltland also fit in quite well here, yet they sound a bit more ambient.

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