Sunday, 21 April 2013

Preview - the week ahead (22nd - 28th Apr)

Hope you all survived the rather busy weekend. Unfortunately there's no time to relax, because this week again has some amazing shows to offer. Have a look at our calendar for some more stuff that didn't make our preview and see you around.

Buke and Gase and Zs at Kantine am Berghain: Buke and Gase is a duo from New York playing self built instruments and a variety of music that is somewhere between groovy noise rock and math rock. Zs are a perfect addition to this, I saw them live almost exactly two years ago (review here) and since then, I kept that show in good memory. They change their line-up rather often and right now they’re playing with the Liturgy drummer. Sounds good, doesn’t it?!

Maserati, Günther Schickert and Thisquietarmy at BiNuu: Maserati and Günther Schickert played Berlin together two years ago, and although we weren’t really convinced of that show (review here) this could be of interest for some of you. Maserati released a new record since then and changed some things and sounds, so if you’re into krautrocky electronica post rock, give them a try. Thisquietarmy is a regular acquaintance of Aidan Baker, so if drony ambient guitar noise is your thing, here you go.

Buck Gooter + TeOnAnAcAtL XXI at bei Ruth: Buck Gooter are a “Primal Industrial Blues, nihilist Punk, minimalist Noise-Rock duo”, that sounds a bit odd but sort of describes their style pretty good. They are weird and noisy and they seem to be able to put on an energetic live show. TeOnAnAcAtL XXI is an ambient free jazz project, playing their first public show ever in this constellation. Sounds like an interesting mix of bands and music styles.

Jenny Hval at Grüner Salon: Dark, theatralic and opulent indie music. It reminds me of artists like PJ Harvey or Soap and Skin.

Wolf Eyes, Miles and Sand Circles at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Wolf Eyes are back on the map, playing live shows and recently having released a new record. They describe their newest album as a sort of a homecoming because founding member Aron Dilloway is sort of back in the band (or just on the record?). If you want to see and hear “rock” music in a traditional way getting destroyed, there’s no way around this evening of experimental noise music.

Sex Jams and Mile Me Deaf at Schokoladen: A Thursday of Austrian bands at Schokoladen. Sex Jam play fuzzy and melodic indie pop punk. Mile Me Deaf sound a bit more like a mixture of brit-pop and indie-pop. So if you’re into fluffy melodies and poppy tunes, this is for you.

Heatsick, Sightings and Ill Winds at NK: Sightings get often compared to bands like Suicide, Liars or Black Dice. They are heavily influenced of 80s no wave and form their influences to a harsh and mean stream of noisy music. Heatsick is also amazing, he plays weird and experimental music between beat-oriented electronica and Krautrock influences. So if you liked Wolf Eyes the day before this is like the perfect follow up gig.

Catholic Spray and the Gondors at bei Ruth: Psychedelic lo-fi garage punk action at bei Ruth. Catholic Spray sound a bit like Wavves or No Age, so if that’s your thing, give them a try. The Gondors from Berlin fit quite well to that, they sound a bit more poppy, like a lo-fi version of Belle and Sebastian, although that’s kind of a bold comparison.

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