Thursday, 4 April 2013

What's in store for 2013 pt. 2

Well, May is dominating this "What's in store" a bit, but that was to be expected. Spring & Autumn = European touring times. Get saving:

PTTRNS + Slow Steve - Our favourite rhythm dance poster boys are back with a new album. They play with new Julie Tippex protegé Slow Steve. Dance away!
Wolf Eyes - Noise. Loud. Oh so loud. Have your ears blown. Sounds kind of like a distorted Eye Hate God. Now if that doesn't get your mouth watering, what does?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - One of my absolutely favourite rock'n'roll bands with the hottest front woman ever. Darn those big venues but cannot miss this for the world.
Death Grips - A treat for J. - read his review of the last concert.
Widowspeak - Nothing like a really good pop record. Fleetwood Mac inspired for sure but also some nice 60s surf and psych in there. Softly spoken and rocking all at once. A nice afternoon kinda record and a promising show!
Melvins - These guys rock so hard and yet remind you of your youthful grunge days. No more intro needed for these brutal rock veterans.
Mac DeMarco + Sean Nicholas Savage - The man DeMarco is back. The hype is justified - the guy knows to throw a good party. Support from fellow newbie Sean Nicholas Savage. A must if you want to talk to talk.
Mikal Cronin - # 1 collaborator of Ty Segall, Mr. Cronin does a very similar thing as Mr. Segall and should appeal to you if you like your Segall and your Wavves.
Mount Eerie + Mountains - A lot of mountain action going on that night. I could tell that story again how I fell asleep once... I won't bore you with that one again. Just go and be mesmerised.
Woods - One of J. and my favourites hits town again. J. went before and wrote a review for your perusal.
Charanjit Singh plays "Synthesizing: Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat" / A Guy Called Gerald "Live in Analogue" - Now if this isn't special!! Mr. Singh is a musician from Mumbai, India, who originally performed as a Bollywood session musician in the 1960s to 1980s. However, he is best known for his 1982 release "Synthesizing: Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat", an album originally intended as a fusion of electronic disco music with Indian classical ragas but music journalists reference it as one the first acid house records. At the age of 72, Charanjit is touring Europe and Berlin is lucky enough to be on the list of dates. Get your ticket now!
DIIV - Again again! I loved their show at Monarch and am hooked to their album, so this is on my To Do list for sure.
Charlie Parr - After having to cancel his show last year, the wonderful Mr. Parr is now making up for the loss. His voice is unique and will warm you and stay with your for a long time. Wonderful indeed.
Swans - No words needed. Amazingness on a stick.
Shellac - Also no words needed. Geniuses on a tick.
Dirty Beaches + Teenitus Festival im Exil - The one and only Eine Welt Aus Hack booking agency is responsible for the Teenitus Festival in Erfurt, which has made us Berliners very jealous in the past. Having mercy with us, EWAH is hosting a Teenitus In Exile Festival at Kottbusser Tor with a killer line-up. Dirty Beaches make me happy over and again, so I mention them first, but there is so much goodness in this line-up - just check it out in our calendar at the bottom of this page.

Civil Civic + Slow Steve - My love for Civil Civic is well documented. No vocals, rhythm and rock, danceable. I love their record so much. The Slow Steve supporting again.
Come + Bleached - Noise pioneers and probably something you should go see if you like noise and care about what you tell the grandchildren one day. Most likely, it will also kick your butt.
Sin Fang + Pascal Pinion - Hailing from Iceland, both artists steer between folk and dream pop. For the dreamers among us.
The Babies - Vivian Girl turned surf punk - this is the perfect summer soundtrack and a June gig seems appropriate and in order. Meet me there!
Austra - Lots of good new albums coming out this May, Austra's being one of them. Read one of my reviews showing my love for Austra. Don't miss this!
David Grubbs - If you like Sonic Youth but you also like singer songwriter material, you are probably a David Grubbs fan already. If not, get on it fast. Mr. Grubbs is like a comfort blanket to me - he has always been around, he has consistently made good intelligent music and he knows the right people to collaborate with.

Comadre - I like a good HC band though few of them actually manage to convince me these days. Comadre are the exception. This group is so good! Unfortunately for them, they are playing the same night, and thus in competition with...
Retox + Zeus! + BATALJ - Wavey brutal HC with Three One G background, Italian newbie duo on Three One G, and Berlin's finest noise creators. This is going to be hot!
Devendra Banhart - The man is finally back with a new record, performing this at Heimathafen. Serious excitement on my part here.

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