Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Review: PTTRNS + Slow Steve

Was the booking agent insane when he chose Bei Ruth as the record release party venue for PTTRNS? Quite possibly.

When we entered the sold out and packed-to-the-rim ex-Roy, my partner's first words were "They are clearly too popular for this venue". A quick personal check for guest list credentials at the bottom of the stairs had warned us of a chocker full venue, but we actually never made it past the first 5 metres of the concert room. We were literally stuck by the entrance for the entire evening - it was that packed.

Just when you start feeling sorry for us, think again. Because if you have been to bei Ruth, you know that the stage is right by the entrance. We had a first-class view and we were lucky to be fed pineapples by the band, who were passing the juicy chunks around as a gift to their audience. So, to recap: right in front of the stage, pineapple chunks, great atmosphere. Alright!

Musically, Pttrns' new songs don't stray a million miles from the previous album, but the boys have definitely chosen the path of dance music. It is even more rhythm driven than before, the melodies are very catchy, and the overall sound is a lot more commercial now. This may explain why they have already received a lot of attention and press for the new longplayer. 

Although the new sound does not move me personally as much as the first record, I do think the buzz surrounding PTTRNS is deserved. I have always maintained that would the band be based in somewhere like New York, LA, or London, they would probably be stars by now. Talented, likeable and knowledgable on a good dance tune, they fit right in with current indie music in the anglo-saxon world. And the new record is obviously well-written.

What I did miss a little was the dynamic on stage. I used to love when they would swap instruments mid-song, as well as the epic drumming sessions at the end of every other song. Though there were still some elements of this on this occasion, the band has overall become more static, each individual having found his place and predominant instrument. Musically, this probably makes a lot of sense - performance-wise it is not quite as much fun.

Another great show by our favourite German dance troupe. They just never disappoint.

PS: Unfortunately, we missed most of Slow Steve. The Fenster affiliated one-man-project made his performance debut and I was convinced. Though I only saw three songs, I thought they were well-crafted, catchy tunes. With time, he will most likely have a performance concept around this and I reckon he can go far. Catch him at one of his upcoming shows. 

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