Monday, 15 April 2013

Preview - the week ahead (15th - 21st Apr)

Not only is it the week the craze girl turns one year older, it is the week that spring is finally deciding to descend upon Berlin. Be ready, be out about town, be at one of these (or at one of the numerous others in our calendar):

John Parish at Privatclub: Being a record producer and a musician by himself, John Parish made a name in different fields of music. He plays at Privatclub with his solo project and presents his beautiful indie singer songwriter songs.

Lana Del Rey at Tempodrom: Say what you will, Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die was one of the best pop records of 2012. I wish I could see if her live shows live up to the hype, but I just don’t have 50 bucks to spend for one show when I can attend like 5 other for that sum. Nonetheless I bet this is going to be entertaining.

All We Are and Alex Highton at Schokoladen: Two bands from Liverpool playing music from epic indie pop to acoustic singer songwriter stuff. If you like folky music with nice melodies, this would be your place to be.

Abwärts and Elektroboys at SO36: The almost legendary German punk band Abwärts is certainly worth a visit to SO36 this weekend. Expect some new wave punk music with clever lyrics. Watch a video from their SO36 show three years ago below to get a nice impression.

Nü Sensae and Ruins Of Krüger at West Germany: This Saturday is crazy and it definitely sucks to make your choice between so many great options. Nü Sensae would be one of them. Pissed and intense punk music from Vancouver, somewhere between White Lung and Hot Snakes. Support will be local no wave upstarts Ruins of Krüger.

Psychic TV at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Psychic TV is the “rock band” Genesis P-Orridge formed after Throbbing Gristle. Still, this is no generic band but rather one that was always open to experiments and influences from many other art and music fields, so that the term “rock band” doesn’t do them justice at all. It’s especially exciting to see them live, as Genesis announced a couple of years ago to not tour and play in any of her bands anymore.

PTTRNS and Slow Steve at bei Ruth: Another highlight of the week, PTTRNS present their new record Body Pressure with a show at Bei Ruth. Read our last review here to get an adequate impression. Their newest record sounds less disco-punk but more delicate and electronic and you can still stream it here in it's entirety. Support will be Slow Steve, the analog synth solo project from a Fenster member and another reason not to miss this show.

Musikalische Lesung: Slime - Deutschland muss sterben: History lesson at Monarch. If you ever listened to Deutschpunk you certainly know who Slime is. This lecture is going to deal with Slime's history and legacy.

Samiam at Bi Nuu: Well it's a Samiam show, what else do you need to know? They're one of the pioneer bands for what later on got called melodic hardcore and they've been around for longer than most band's even exist.

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