Wednesday, 8 January 2014

XnormanX's Top 10 shows in 2013

As you might know living in Berlin can be a pretty stressful endeavor. There are shows every day and to be honest I for myself wanna see them all. Unfortunately this is not possible. Too bad. However I saw a couple of really great ones in 2013. A short list in chronological order.

  • Lubomyr Melnyk at Haus Ungarn (January): A total surprise to me. Haven't heard his complicated name before, but since this night I'll never forget him. Read my review.
  • Ash Borer / Fell Voices / Sun Worship at Cassiopeia (April): Black Metal is a big thing. Even Berlin has its own bands. Anyway, I was so psyched to see Ash Borer, but when Fell Voices left the stage after a crushing set no one could dethrone them. 
  • Melvins at Festsaal Kreuzberg (May): Melvins is my favorite band. Forever! When they announced to play older material for 2 nights in Berlin I bought my tickets instantly. Unbelievable, but what else was to expect. Read my review of Day 1 and Gary's of Day 2 to make sure what you missed.
  • Shellac at Berghain (May): Shellac's upcoming new album will be called Dude, Incredible and this could stand for their show too. Dude, incredible. 
  • Sleaford Mods at West Germany (August): Without a doubt my show of the year. Someone recommended Sleaford Mods to me and he was right. Fucked up poetry slam rap. Best show, best record, best band. 
  • Wichtel Und Die Wuchteln at Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle (September): Super weird Sunday evening. Wiener Gruppe activist creating improvised tohuwabohu while Sarah Wiener prepares (disgusting) meat-rolls.
  • Black Pus at Urban Spree (October): Loudest show of the year. I was standing next to a speaker and destroyed my hearing. Totally worth it. Read J.'s Review.
  • Daniel Bachman & Ryley Walker at my place (October): Due a day off on their tour Daniel and Ryley played a small show for me and friends. Best party!
  • Fushitsusha / Otomo Yoshihide at HAU (October): Every time Keiji Haino comes to Berlin I'm in the first row to see him. Unfortunately this time I was only sitting in the 4th row. Hmm, Antirock for old people. 
  • Godflesh / Pharmakon / ... at Berghain (November): I'm not the biggest fan of reunions but I definitely had to see Godflesh. Their first Berlin show in over 20 years or so was just fantastic and Pharmakon's performance the surprise of the night. 
And let's not forget the great Since The Devil Is Gone I Mostly Feel Lonely shows at Monarch. A well curated series of shows. Not sure, but I guess I saw them all including Paul Metzger, Michael Hurley, Chuck Johnson, Daniel Bachman, Ryley Walker, Cam Deas, William Tyler, Bill Orcutt, Glenn Jones, Lonnie Holley.

It's already 2014. I guess I'll see you sooner or later.

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