Monday, 20 January 2014

Preview: the week ahead (20th - 26th Jan)

It's Monday morning, it's early, it's cold. Nonetheless there's also a nice week of interesting music coming up, which makes the Monday thing maybe a little more bearable...

  • Jessica Pratt at Monarch: Jessica Pratt plays singer songwriter music that consists of deeply intimate folk sounds and that strongly resembles early folk from the 1960s period. Perfect start for the week. This is her first European tour, so make sure not to miss this!

  • MoreEats + Asraman + William Must Hunt at Schokoladen: Fourtrack on Stage presents this little venture into part folky and part experimental fields. MoreEats from Liechtenstein (I think I have never even heard of a band from Liechtenstein before) sounds a little psychedelic and a litte quirky indie. William Must Hunt play calm acoustic singer songwriter music and Asraman play something like lo-fi electro with somehow dancy beats and weird lyrics.

  • The Gondors + The Anna Thompsons + Canyon Spree at Loophole: Another chance to see The Anna Thompsons live, we already mentioned them a few times here. This Thursday they will play with The Gondors, who do a nice and dancy mix of lo-fi electronic beats and New Wave/Post-Punk influences. Also Canyon Spree will play, a relatively new all-girl garage punk band from Berlin.
  • Breathless at Berghain Kantine: Since they had to cancel their last show back in September, Breathless now make up for that and play at Berghain Kantine. They play a dreamy mix of spheric sounds and melancholic vocals. Although they’ve been around for quite some time they actually have never played in Berlin before.

  • Control Unit + Human Larvae + Anemone Tube + Roughledge at NK: Another fine experimental night at NK. Control Unit play a dark mix of Industrial and No Wave, somewhere between Wolf Eyes, Suicide and Throbbing Gristle and that pretty much sets the style of the evening. Check out the live video below. 
  • P.U.F.F. + Needle Exchange at Trickster: New Wave meets snotty late 70s punk. Nice combination and well worth checking out!

  • 50 Jahre Andreas Dorau Gala w/ Andreas Dorau + Stereo Total + Der Plan + Justus Köhncke + Wolfgang Müller + Maurice Summen and probably more at Bi Nuu: Andreas Dorau is celebrating his 50th anniversary and he’s throwing a party with a shitload of friends, musicians and bands. We’re especially stoked about Der Plan performing live!

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