Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Review: Volcano The Bear

So you guys, you think Death Grips or Moon Duo were the best live bands recently here in Berlin? Well, I have to disappoint you. UK's Volcano The Bear played last Sunday at Monarch and it was the best gig I've seen so far (well, I exaggerate a bit to make my point).

The night didn't start that promising. Church Car, a Berlin-based two expats group opened. Maybe I wasn't in the mood or I didn't get their humour, but their musical version of Chicago postrock and spoken word wasn't my cup of tea. I guess this was too much community theatre for a Sunday evening for me. Sorry.

Hmm, Volcano The Bear started exactly the same way, but it already clicked with the first tone. These guys are pros in what they do. Playing a wild and improvised blend of Jazz, Rock, Electronica. But after seeing them a couple of times and listening to their records I have to conclude that they are a live band! It is unbelievably funny to watch them play. Both, Daniel Padden and Aaron Moore are multi-instrumentlists. They don't show off, they just play every reachable instrument, horns, gongs, even a goblet. It is like Church Car theatre-like, absurd and weird, but it makes so much more sense. Too bad that an hour can pass so fast, when the performance is this enjoyable. In the end, a short encore was added to an already pefect gig.

Berlin was the last stop on their tour. I hope they will return soon and you have to promise me to go see them play the next time. I think every guest from Sunday will tell you the same.


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