Sunday, 8 December 2013

Three points review: FIFTH FLOOR III

1) The secret warehouse event ended up being not-so-secret when, on the day, the organisers decided to publish the location and release on-the-door tickets. Whether Urban Spree qualifies as a warehouse location or not is up for debate.

2) Musically, psychedelic rock, wave, and My Bloody Valentine fans got what they needed, with high quality performances of the rock genre on stage. It was a rock affair with a lot of long hair, beards, and velvet coats in the audience. We rather enjoyed the fashion aspect of last night.

3) Because the event started an hour late and featured a line-up of six (!) bands, it went well past our bedtime and we ended up with cocktails in a bar nearby, where a birthday was spontaneously celebrated and shots with pickles were being given. That was cosy, even if it was not a secret warehouse gig. We are not so sure we are made for presenting events, but we sure know we like a good hangout.

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