Sunday, 15 December 2013

Preview: the week ahead (16th - 22nd Dec)

One week until Crimbo. A last week of mayhem - let off some stress steam in the evenings at one of these events.
Btw, there will be no preview next weekend. Our calendar is empty except for some forlorn tumbleweed and the howling sound of desert wind. Do look out for some late reviews and, of course, staff top lists of 2013!


  • Föllakzoid at Kantine: C*’s gig of the week. Föllakzoid probably share more with Moon Duo than just the label, Sacred Bones. With their looped sounds, I would think that fans of MD would also be into this group from Chile. Though Föllakzoid do not add vocals, they sport a distinct electronic sound to their music, which, at times, reminds me of Goa trance music, too. It might sound odd, but their spacey, trancy, psych music, is super wavey and dancy and just the right thing for losing yourself in music this Tuesday.


  • Mother Of Unicorn at Monarch: Mother of Unicorn are a four-piece band from Berlin and play a nice mix of indie pop and singer songwriter elements. For fans of Holy Sons, Rocky Votolato, The One AM Radio and the like.


  • John Smith and Luke Leighfield at Schokoladen: Some cosy, beardy country music (John Smith) and some poppy British singer-songwriter tunes (Luke Leighfield) in the early evening at Schokoladen this Thursday? Don’t mind if we do, with a drink in hand.
  • Fred & Toody Cole at Supamolly: There must be a fair share of Dead Moon fans out there in cold Berlin. Fred and Toody Cole of Portland rock band Dead Moon are giving a rare appearance this pre-Christmas Thursday at Supamolly and we reckon you may just enjoy that. “Stay off the internet and learn how to play an instrument!”


  • Groupshow, Alessandro Bosetti, and Sebastian Roux at N.K.: NK is hosting another very interesting experimental night with music and lectures. Groupshow might be the most well-known of the performing artists, the band consists of Jan Jelinek, Hanno Leichtmann and Andrew Pekler. They play improvised experimental music with Fluxus and Krautrock influences. Read more about the lectures and other music acts on NK’s website.
  • Peter & The Test Tube Babies at Lido: Once a year, Peter & The Test Tube Babies play at Lido. And every time, I feature them, but just so that I can share one of my top favourite songs of all time with you: 

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