Thursday, 1 August 2013

Circle Fest

Okay, time for a pre-preview, because our friends from Planet Rock are celebrating something really special next week. Finnland's biggest export hit Circle are coming to Berlin for a 2-night show and let me tell you this is a damn rare thing.

Circle, formed in 1991 is a finnish avant-rock band who have constantly reinvented themselves, playing hypnotic mantras out of exacting krautrock beats, heavy guitars, arty noise, dark psychedelia and soundtrack-like ambience.

Now these legendary characters will play a two night residency at Neukölln's NK - playing as Circle on 6.8.13 and as their prog-rock alter ego Pharaoh Overlord, who have never played Berlin before on the following day.

Hard facts:

Tuesday, 6.8 Circle
Wednesday, 7.8 Pharaoh Overlord

at NK, tickets are 10€ for one night and 16€ for both. See who else is coming here.

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