Thursday, 19 May 2011

Review: Forgetters + Witches

Yes, you may have noticed: I am running awefully late with things. Jetlag has given me a hard time adjusting my body to my Berlin life and getting myself organised in my usual manner. So a matinée show suited me very well, thank you.

With the beautiful weather and the special atmosphere at Schokoladen, I almost didn't care about the bands when I arrived at the venue. It was simply a beautiful afternoon spent with friends. A few people were attending this show that I would usually not meet at gigs these days. That's because Jawbreaker holds a special place in many music lovers' hearts and many of us got excited when the news broke that Blake Schwarzenbach was going to play in town with his new band. I personally also loved Jets To Brazil and therefore had high hopes that this was going to be another strike of genius from Mr Schwarzenbach. I was not going to be disappointed.

When searching Witches (Band) on Google you get 5,180,000 results referring to bands of all genres across the globe. However, this Witches is neither a death metal band nor some Irish folk. The band plays fuzzy indie pop that pleases. It's not exactly my cup of tea but well done nonetheless.

I admit that I was simply attending this gig for Forgetters and that was just fine. And needless to say: if you were a fan of Jawbreaker or Jets To Brazil then you will like Forgetters. All three bands share a very similar sound, that familiar voice and the wonderful lyrics of Mr. S, possibly one of my favourite lyricists of all time. From the word go the audience was dancing and jigging and the band went along with it. They joked with the crowd. And with the sunshine peering in through the large front windows at Schokoladen the atmosphere was second to none.

I left happy and content in knowing that some people just don't lose it. This was some Sunday afternoon!

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  1. delia said the london show was great and everyone loved it!