Friday, 27 May 2011

Preview: the week ahead (30th May - 5th June)

The weather has been weird and temperamental lately. It looks as if the same applies to the event calendar. While we had almost too much in the calendar the past few weeks, it's scarcely filled this week. But those events that are in there, are close to our heart:

Low at Lido: On the outset it looks like an odd venue for Low. However, I saw The Album Leaf play Lido last year and it worked surprisingly well. So maybe this will work after all. And presumably, die-hard fans of Low will not mind where they see their favourite geniuses perform slow and minimalist, mesmerising tunes. Go early and try and grab a spot where you can at least lean although sitting would be preferred to truly appreciate Low's music.
The Black Heart Procession at Heimathafen: This is a tough decision if there ever was one concerning evening entertainment. Low and The Black Heart Procession definitely appeal to the same crowd. And according to the posters around town, this is going to be a "special stripped down show". I am not sure what this means en detail, but I imagine more saw playing, more quiet melancholic songs maybe. I am very tempted personally, especially since 1 will forever be one of my favourite albums of all time. A work of pure genius created by a host of geniuses. And this is a must if you have never seen them before. Simple as that.

Erich Mühsam reading + concert at Mehringhoftheater: This is of course not a gig in the traditional sense, but you know, we like to keep things special here. Erich Mühsam was an anarchist and poet and you should definitely check out his writings if you are not already familiar with them. Every now and so often authors and musicians get together and organise events in his honour. This one is taking place as part of the Linke Buchtage Berlin in the facilities of the Mehringhof. This is a literature festival that I try to attend every year and is a treasure to have (meet me at the talk on Riot Grrls, too). Among the artists involved with the Erich Mühsam event are Frank Spilker, Manuel Schwiers & DJ Patex. Find more information here.
Digger Barnes and Pencil Quincy at Bei Roy: The Diamond Road Show is a mixed media performance of Hamburg based graphic designer and painter Pencil Quincy and Digger Barnes. Digger Barnes provides his folky acoustic guitar songs and Pencil Quincy projects a self built and live altered miniature trick film thing. It looks great and fits so well to the music that this won't be your standard folk singer songwriter experience but probably a lot cooler. Check out the video to get the impression:

Crystal Stilts and Blank Dog at Festsaal Kreuzberg: So far, Crystal Stilts have played at the former Bang Bang Club. This time, they are moving to the larger Festsaal and thus exploring new territory. Crystal Stilts are an absolute favourite of mine of recent years and I am actually really looking forward to this because somehow I think they can pull it off. Come out and dance with me to fuzzy post indie pop pearls from Brooklyn. Also good for a first date I reckon. Yum.
Tune-Yards at Magnet: Ooooh, but oh my, Tune-Yards is playing the same night. Berlin booking agents, as much as I love you all, why do you always have to make it so hard for me?? Tune-Yards is a lady who will give you one of the most impressive live performances of your life. No kidding. She samples herself, building songs live as she goes along. It somehow reminds you of African singing just as much as of street music and all the while it's a very pop and rhythmic affair and wonderful to dance to. And that voice! If you have seen her before, you'll have a tough time deciding, like me, but if you haven't seen her before, the choice should be clear - this will be the one for you.

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