Sunday, 13 April 2014

Preview: the week ahead (14th to 20th Apr)

This is going to be one busy week. One of these weeks with more shows happening that are worth attending than me having the time to do so. With the Excepter and the Datashock show, there are two more experimental evenings coming up that I've been looking forward to. But there's more cool stuff going on as well, as usual check our calendar below for some more concerts than the ones we feature in the preview.

  • Excepter + Black to Comm at Berghain Kantine: I’m so looking forward to seeing Excepter again and this time they also have a more than worthy support. Excepter are an improvisatory experimental band that been around for quite some time. Their sound is varying from weird electronic music to more dub oriented experimental stuff. You could loosely compare them to other New Weird America bands of that time like Animal Collective or Sunburned Hand of the Man but they always kept a quite unique style over the years. Black to Comm is the musical project of the Dekorder label founder Marc Richter. Having released loads of interesting and noteworthy music (one of which is Datashock, see this Friday) he himself plays music that combines influences from classic film scores, noise and experimental music. It floats between drony ambient parts and loose beats. Check it out, it’s beautiful!

  • Father Murphy + OAXACA at Urban Spree: Father Murphy are a band that is as weird as it is great. Often labelled as part of an “Italian Occult Psychedelia” surrounding, their sound is dark, heavy, industrial and sacral. OAXACA, also from Italy, play free-jazz. They abstain from fix structures and songs and rely solely on improvisation. This is a great and interesting line-up and makes me wish I could split myself in two this Tuesday.

  • André Foisy + Nada at West-Germany: André Foisy, founding member of the Relapse band Locrian visits Berlin with his solo project. Expect experimental guitar, tapes & vocals strongly in the spirit of the works Locrian. A must see if you’re into ambient, drone and wide soundscapes. Nada is a side project of two Sun Worship members, playing music that’s also in the vein of repetitive heavy guitar riffs.
  • Monochrome + Bathtub Theory at Antje Öklesund: Monochrome are still around after 18 years of being a band and even just released a new record. Having emerged from the hardcore band Dawnbreed, they turned to a more poppy approach on music but without denying their punk/hardcore roots. Bathtub Theory are a relatively fresh Berlin band that sounds like a poppy take on Le Tigre and Sleater Kinney.

  • Datashock + Pretty Lightning at bei Ruth: Datashock haven’t paid Berlin a visit in some time but now they’re back with a new record on it’s way. They are a collective of varying size and line up and play experimental free form music that’s highly influenced by early Krautrock and psychedelic electronica. Pretty Lightning is a duo consisting of two Datashock members, they play more song oriented heavy psychedelic music with an obvious delta blues impact. If you need a soundtrack for a mysterious shamanic desert ritual with just the right amount of ironic and humorous sense of itself, this is the place to be!

  • Morne + Trainwreck + Jungbluth + Anchor + Oaken at Tiefgrund: A pretty packed evening of intense hardcore and punk. Be sure to be early, this is definitely going to be fully packed and sweaty!

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