Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Preview: the week ahead (10th - 16th Mar)

The latest preview ever. But do not fear, with a new Craze member in tow and a sluggish start to the week, we are still here to serve. Hope you have not missed out on Low Roar because we missed to tell you about it.
Also: the Mountain Witch competition ends tomorrow - in case you feel like a free rock gig this week.
  • Darkside at  Astra: This gig is apparently sold out. But Berlinians often know ways to get their ways, don't they? So we feature it anyway - and give you a little review of their last gig while we are at it. Our new Craze member, Cathrin, was there and reports. The project headed by funky young DJ-guy Nico Jaar and his guitar playing partner-in-musical-crime, Dave Harrrington, play Astra Wednesday night. The very hard to please reviewers at Pitchfork call Jaar “a Chilean-born, Brown-educated electronic wunderkind” and give the pair’s new album a 9 out of 10.
"Last time in Berlin, the duo played a sold-out Berghain and their muted, sophisticated disco-with-guitar hooks saw the crowd shuffling their feet enthusiastically. Some would even say they were dancing. Admittedly it did feel a little odd, a little bit too “disco” at times despite Jaar being influenced by everything from kraut rockers Can to Ethiopian jazz – as though the pair should have playing all night, as though there should have been room on the dance floor and probably a few more glow sticks (kidding, there were none). 
But there were also sublime moments where you loose yourself in a hypnotic rhythm that was more dance floor than driving psych-rock. So despite the mild disappointment, that’s why it may well be worth your while to go and see these guys again – mainly in the hopes that they’re as experimental and interesting as their genre-blending albums suggest, rather than simply crowd pleasing."  
  • Mountain Witch at SO36: Proto-Metal straight from the 70s. If you are into Black Sabbath and doomy dark rock with a hint of psychedelic influences, this is the right show for you. We also still have a competition running for this show, be quick!
  • Sun Worship and Flamingo Creatures at Bei Ruth: Bei Ruth is celebrating their season opening earlier than expected with a tape release show of the new record of Berlin based Sun Worship. If you’re into recent ‘black metal’ bands like Liturgy, Wolves in the Throneroom and similar, this dark and gloomy wall of noise will be right up your alley. Also playing are Flamingo Creatures, another project of two Datashock members who play free form synth and violin based experimental music. We’re very excited that bei Ruth is opening again, they already announced some nice stuff going on in the near future.
  • Toy at Comet Club: C*’s love for Toy knows no limits. Best band coming out of Britain at the moment and amazing live. Be there and rock out with C*. Here is an old number but the new album is fantastic, too. You cannot go wrong with Toy.


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