Thursday, 4 July 2013

Late quick review: Rocket From The Crypt

The last time I saw RFTC play was in 1996 at Hulsfred festival in Sweden. That's a long time ago. Had they grown old? Was this going to be a money making scheme with no fun? Or was it going to be gig of the year?

Fun. That's what it was. Rocket From The Crypt are one of those rare entertainers that will leave you no choice but to have the time of your life for two hours. 

Old. These guys will never grow truly old. With a sense of humour like this and the urge to rock out hard, growing old is not really an option.

Passion. Maybe not the first thing I imagined this gig to be, but passionate is actually the word that describes this best. The crowd's passion for their favourite band (people had travelled from all over Europe for this!), the band's passion for their lifestyle and good entertainment and the overall atmosphere in hot Festsaal that night. 

Great night, great dance, great laughter, great sing-along. Rocket From The Crypt - the one and only truly.

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