Wednesday, 14 March 2012


On short notice but nonetheless: there's some more cool stuff this week. If you have nothing to do this evening and are in the mood for some ambient experimental drone stuff, you might want to go to NK. They've got a pretty nice line-up including Nadja and two other projects (Off the International Radar and Portraits), both featuring some great musicians like Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Bill Kouglias. All of them got featured here before and I'm pretty sure this is well worth a visit.

Also there's some pretty interesting free jazz stuff going on at Altes Finazamt tonight. See the complete line-up on the facebook event page, if the Chris Corsano/Clayton Thomas Review from before got you interested you might visit this one, as Clayton Thomas is also taking part here.

And last but not least, bei Roy is waking up from it's winter sleep and opening again. They have an opening party this Saturday with Canadian/Berlin based electro pop duo Trike and DJ Marcelle. Check their website to see what's up next.

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